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Last Band On Earth (2009)

Your mix CD for the apocalypse.

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Last Band on Earth


Its the 11th hour before judgement day - here is your final mix CD. Track Listing: 1-Benediction 2-Don't Leave Me Behind 3-No Tomorrow 4-This Home No More 5-Sick With Woe 6-My Savior 7-So Tired Of It All 8-At The Fall 9-Last Call 10-Immortality (reading by William Jennings Bryant) All words and music except where noted by Last Band on Earth. Mixing and Mastering at Metalsound Studios. Recorded at the Plaster Shop and Metalsound Studios. Our main bands: http://www.patpaulband.com/ http://www.admiralbrowning.com/

Pat Paul - Vocals, Drums + Percussion, Guitars, Earth, Fire. Matt LeGrow - Vocals, Guitars, Bass, Keyboard.



Completed Albums

Last Band On Earth(2009)

Your mix CD for the apocalypse.

01 - Benediction   (preferred)   Download
02 - Don't Leave Me Behind   Download
03 - No Tomorrow   Download
04 - This Home No More   Download
05 - Sick With Woe   Download
06 - My Savior   Download
07 - So Tired Of It All   Download
08 - At The Fall   Download
09 - Last Call   Download
10 - Immortality (reading by William Jennings Bryan)   Download